SCAPE Martinez standing in front of "SCAPEPACS", 2013.

SCAPE Martinez is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist and writer who has been involved in graffiti art since the 1980’s. Since then he has pushed the boundaries of graffiti and street art, bringing this urban style into fine art, public art, and the educational arena.

Scape’s fine art paintings combine elements of graffiti art and abstract expressionism to create large scale, rhythmic, and expressive compositions that transcend mere technique. Scape Martinez is also an advocate for the arts, frequently doing graffiti orientated workshops and lectures for both teenagers and fellow artists and educators interested in understanding graffiti as an art form. Over the years, his passion for art has transcended beyond walls and canvas to include: public art, writing, and art education.

Scape, born with a rich and colorful imagination was heavily influenced by his surroundings. He spent much of his time growing up in an urban environment, where daily life was and still is for many, sullen and unpromising. With this unbalanced environment, a young Scape began to search for ways to escape and express himself. In doing so, he discovered the art of graffiti, and found himself in what became a very natural element for him. Through his own personal life experiences, he began to hone and craft his new found language.

His passion for Street Art quickly grew and began to manifest into a multitude of talents. He began to explore different styles and mediums, and these explorations gave him something he could identify with on a very personal level. Today Scape defines this as - "Screaming, Creative And Positive Energy!"

Scape Martinez is an advocate for art education for young adults, especially in the areas of self exploration and creativity. He works with kids of all backgrounds to help them explore their own language through Graffiti Art. He executes workshops and presents speaking engagements to young adults and professionals alike, sharing his unique perspective on graffiti art and creativity. His insightful, and thought-provoking lectures inform, inspire, and are equally uplifting and motivating.

Scape Martinez is a best-selling author having written four books on creating graffiti-style urban art, including "Graff: The Art and Technique of Graffiti" , "Graff 2: Next Level Graffiti Techniques", and "Graff: Color Workbook", and "Colormaster".