Enter: the San Jose Downtown Association / by SCAPE Martinez

It is with GREAT ENTHUSIASM, that I share some recent developments...

I was selected from a pool of artists, by the San Jose Downtown Association, (the SJDA), and the SoFa Streetprint Committee, to create TWO large, streetprints that will be gateways to the SoFa area, (shown below with the pink arrow and pink outline in the crosswalk.)

One of the corners, 1st street and East San Salvador, where one of the streetprints will go.

There will be TWO created, one will be 55 x 45 feet, the other 30 x 40 feet. They will be designed by me, then fabricated and installed directly onto the asphalt. This commission is significant on many, many levels, not the least of which is location and visibility.

Once installed they will be seen by umpteenth amount of passerby in the area. Also, the sight lines of the work will allow it to be seen by the nearby towers and newly build condo residences. And the work will be seen by even airplanes flying overhead as the artwork is going right under the airports flight path.

Also, in terms of eyeballs on the project, the work will be fasttracked, and installed by early 2016.... aaaaand, wait for it.... We will have a grand unveiling early February 2016 to stay in tune with.... The Super Bowl!, as fate would have it, there will be many S.B. events explicitly in that area, and during that time. So we'll see where this all goes...

I don't know what I will do, YET, but it will be something INNOVATIVE, and most importantly,.. FUNKY!