Enter: the Color PURPLE for 2016! / by SCAPE Martinez

I have always, always tried to challenge myself.

The idea being that I'd like to put myself in a box, and try to get out of it. As a child, I would do this in a very literal way, but we won't go there right now.. sigh... In many ways, I am sure that is a metaphor for other things in my existence, but creatively speaking, I like to challenge myself by putting certain restraints on me and then finding solutions to them.

For example, years ago, when I was active in the street, one thing that I would do is give myself a certain palette of colors to use, a very restrictive palette, or a palette of what we would call "garbage colors", the palest of blues combined with a earthy moss green, coupled with a watered down "nuclear yellow",.. color combinations that would just not work... the idea being, you better make it work, either by focusing on letter styles, or color techniques... the challenge was always to get better, to challenge the norm, and to maybe discover something new.

The one thing I discovered with all those icky colors, I always made them work, discovering that hey, you know what?... It's not the color choices, but how one uses them is what is important...

So now here we are in the beginning of the new year 2016, and I am consciously thinking about a new way to challenge myself, and how it can bring about new and unexpected results.

I am going to choose a single color, a single hue, that will be the predominant focus for that calendar year. It will be about that color, and all it's characteristics, it's hues, it's tints, it's properties,... everything about it, how it's spelled, the letters, the shapes, what comes to mind when you speak it. Tangible, intangible, solid and abstract,.. the unwrapping of that color...

For 2016... that color is PURPLE!

Now some may ask "Dude, why purple?"... and I will summarily respond, why not?...

The color purple is a choice based on a symbolic reaction to where I feel I am in this juncture in my journey... it is not something that I pulled from a proverbial hat, it was felt out, not thought out, but felt out... I had my antennae raised up high, and what came down was a snippet of red and blue, intermingled to create "purple".... I swished it around for a while... and I agreed with the note from On High.

The color purple is a snapshot... it's a snapshot of an expression, a series of moods that I find myself in, and an attitude.

In case you were wondering here are a few attributes of Purple:

  • It's a color that people love or hate.
  • Purple is the hardest color for the human eye to discern.
  • It is rare in nature.
  • It symbolizes royalty and...
  • Dignity
  • Spirituality
  • Creativity

Purple is the color of the imagination, it can be creative and individual or immature and impractical, and I am arguably revealing a bit too much about myself in that attribute.

Purple is also a color of introspection and I think that is where this road leads... it is a color that allows us to get into our deeper thoughts, it assists those that are seeking the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment.

So let's see where this goes, as the challenge is made, the paint is mixed, the spraypaint is ordered!

2016... LET'S GO!...