Something New,... Sharing "GIFTS"... / by SCAPE Martinez

I normally don't do figurative works, and when I do, I rarely share them as I choose to walk down that abstract pathway.

This work is the beginning of sharing a small area of my brain, where I want to investigate some notions of what is "popular". I've always felt that modern graffiti/street art is the new pop art, I wanted to explore a little, and this is a segment of that exploration.

I wonder out loud why a person or a thing is popular?.. is it organic? is it because of marketing? is it a combination? and the reaction from people when a popular thing is placed in front of them? I am fascinated by these things...

I also wanted to exercise my hands, meaning, that I actually like to draw, draw letters, doodles, etc, and these images are a part of that love affair, they are drawings, and paintings, using pencil, charcoal sticks, watercolors, and even spraypaint make an appearance. The images are based on photographs that I worked over in Photoshop and drawn by hand on high quality paper, they are pretty large, and in the end I want to explore that idea of the repeating image, that hand rendered one is the original, the others (soon to come) will be replications of the central image, and there will be more on that later.

"GIFTS", Pencil, charcoal, inks, and spraypaint on watercolor paper, 26x40 2016


I chose her because of the striking image. I poured over the idea of "popular", who is popular, what is popular?... what does it look like? who does it look like? and to whom?... I found her image striking, and quite frankly the darkness of the hair is something one can get lost in. So i began to look at the image more from aesthetic reasons, and a way of "seeing" if that makes sense. I chose the title "GIFTS", as I feel volumes can be written about Amy Winehouse and her exceptional gifts, as well as her wounds and how ther are tied together... And I must reiterate that this is the first revealed excursion in this lane, it will morph and change and grow,... but at it's base there lies the question of "what is popular, and why?...