Enter... GREEN! / by SCAPE Martinez

Last year at around this time,…

I had this idea of declaring a color, a single color, that I would focus on for the course of that calendar year. Last year, that color was PURPLE. I actually considered extending the time to work with that color, as I feel that I’ve not fully explored the underlying properties of The Color Purple. But, in the bigger picture is time to move on, and to move on to a new color.

That color, for 2017,.. is that mysterious color between blue and yellow. It is the color GREEN!

I want to explore it, fully, all its properties and interactions... What does it sound like? What does it look like? What can it feel like? Or how does it interplay with other colors? What are its properties that I can equally explore and you can experience?

In one capacity, the color green is one that is largely missing from my previous work. You might see more a turquoise and certain lime greens, but as a whole, “Green”, isn’t really there. I wonder out loud, why that is? I know that I’ve historically gravitated toward blues, pinks, and reds, but actual greens not so much, so I am going to put myself in a green box!

So now, what about “GREEN”?

I am a big student of understanding the psychological properties of colors. How colors affect your moods and thinking. For example, walking into a blue room versus walking into a red room and how you feel when you are there...

But about that “GREEN”…

GREEN is a color that has a lot of depth,... it can drift effortlessly close to yellow or veer all the way to blue. It also can play with your eye and sensibilities with the colors you pair it with. From a psychological place, GREEN brings about the sense of “Balance”. Green is in the center of the color spectrum, which is not a random curiosity, it is in fact more important that most recognize.

GREEN is also connected to nature, literally and in metaphor, it is connected to growth. And because of that connection, on an instinctive level, it implies the presence of water, or the color “BLUE”. Also, in this era, GREEN brings about the idea of peace and environmental awareness, it can also can bring about the feeling of restoration and rest.

The idea of a large scale meditative painting in infinite layers of green for example, comes to mind. Redefining that meditative space with my art sounds appealing to me.

The color GREEN is also associated with MONEY and SUCCESS, and oddly enough with ALIEN LIFE. So you can see from a metaphoric point of view, that I have a lot to work with!

GREEN can promote creativity, which aligns with my purpose in my work. It has explicit spiritual connections, as green is the color of the Heart Chakra, bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is the Sacred Color in Islam, and it is found throughout ancient Scriptures in various capacities and meanings. And lastly, in the world of precious stones, GREEN is the color of Emeralds,... you can insert your metaphor on that, right here.

So there it is, GREEN is out there. Maybe, take a few minutes from your day and look how GREEN is placed in your world.

In the end, GREEN is a healing color, a color of growth and rejuvenation, and for me on a deep personal level, after 2015 and 2016, I can use a year of rejuvenation!...

Come and get "into the box" with me, and lets see where it goes!