graffiti art

"The Art of Screaming in Color", Scape Martinez x KQED Arts by SCAPE Martinez

Graffiti artist Edward Martinez adopted the alter-ego "Scape," for Screaming Creative and Positive Energy. That positive charge is evident both in his vividly pulsating paintings and in his work with underserved youthin East Palo Alto. For more info on this and other stories in this KQED series, visit

It has been almost a year, WOW how time flies!... About a year ago I had the golden opportunity to work with KQED Arts.

I was approached to see if I was interested in being a part of their online "Artists Series", to showcase the work that I do, whether that was my work in the street, in the studio, or in the community with youth. Of course I answered a resounding "YES!"... it was a fascinating experience to say the least, being that the final outcome was a 3 minute video, I was stunned to learn the amount of work that was needed to be done. HOURS of work, and TONS of equipment, not that you could see any of that in the final clip!... I actually got a liking to the camera, maybe there's a future there?

Overall, I had a great time, and learned so much. Working with professionals, award winning leaders in their field. Thank you Cynthia Stone, and the crew!