"GRAFF: the Art & Technique of GRAFFITI", by SCAPE Martinez


"GRAFF: The Art & Technique of Graffiti" is evidence of the artistic heights graffiti has achieved. Once viewed as merely a blemish on the urban landscape, graffiti art has evolved into a legitimate art form in its own dimension, influencing the worlds of entertainment, advertising, fashion, and fine art.

This unprecedented book presents a detailed guide on how to create graffiti art as narrated by Scape Martinez. Each element of graffiti style is presented in sequence, with successive images showing the development and variations of forms and styles. GRAFF brings together the ideas on a more advanced level in a series of works depicted at succeeding stages of creation. Along with tips and directions on preparation, method, design, color, and execution. Step by step, he lays out the philosophies and realities of the genre.

From choosing a name and learning to "tag", on through to developing your letterforms, to the logistics of prepping a wall and working a spray can in an expressive, painterly fashion, Graff will help you discover your style and leave your mark.

Get walked through the breakdown of fundamental elements of graffiti-style. Learn about letters, characters, backgrounds, and how they all work together. Understand how arrows, symbols, quotes, and tags all intermingle from paper to wall to create a piece. Also see from start-to-finish the approach for creating graffiti in various styles with five on-site step-by-step demonstrations showing the creation of various types of pieces, from throw ups to full-blown pieces.

The publisher has matched the book's richly artistic content in the design and layout, including a world history of wall art, painting, spray painting, and graffiti found scattered among the inset boxes. There is also a glossary for the uninitiated.

Graff is the bible for street artists looking to elevate their work, or graphic designers wanting to expand their vocabulary, or anyone interested in giving their work an edgy, urban look.