"GRAFF: Color Workbook by Scape Martinez

Scape Martinez has some great tips, tricks and techniques that will have you coloring like you never have before.

It all comes down to how colors interact and how you explore those interactions to create bold visual statements. To make learning fast, fun and effective, Scape teaches you the way he taught himself, by copying sketches and practicing color combinations on paper. Inside, you'll find everything you need to develop your coloring skills, including:

- Dozens of color combinations you can borrow and learn

- 45 bold designs to color and customize

- Easy methods for blending colors using markers, pencils and ink

- Illustrated tips for making graffiti appear 3D

- Step-by-step exercises for adding highlights and glows

Scape also features fresh examples of finished art to offer you new ideas and inspiration for your own writing. With this book and your own imagination, the creative possibilities are endless.