artist statement

My art is based on emotions and feelings. Emotions from my past experiences and feelings from the many intricacies of my daily life. During the course of the day there is alot that goes on "in between my ears". I try to latch on to some of those feelings or emotions, maybe translate it into a word, thought, or a phrase and I try to re-create that on a canvas.

I don't look at concrete/tangible objects outside of myself for inspiration. I drill down on a concept and try to execute it from an unpredictable place. This can result in a series of colors, forms, moods and how they may interplay with each other. My focus then is to explore those connections, between these forms and colors and their soon to be revealed emotional elements.

My hope is that my work will be inspiring, motivating, and equally meditative. Through my process I can make my artwork, my "Art of Graffiti" accessible to anyone and everyone. - SCAPE