"What's My Style?" the Creative Process #3 by SCAPE Martinez

Scape Martinez discusses communicating with color, and communicating with techniques. What it does, as opposed to what it says. There is a martial arts connection...

Every now and again, when I do artwork in a public space, people often ask me, "What's my style?"... I usually have an incredulous look on my face, as for me, since I'm paining in plain view, my style is plain to see...

Sometimes that's not enough... people want to probe more, know more. And that's fine, sometimes end up asking myself "What's my style", and there I find it hard to quantify, hard to describe, hard to pin down. I like to think that my style is a style of no style. I'm very pragmatic, I like to simply get it done. Execution is what's important... which is where I think the martial art connection comes up.

View the video, and enjoy!

Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry "GRAFFITI", Collection by SCAPE Martinez

A few months ago, I had the unique opportunity to work with and collaborate on a lookbook. At first thought, I assumed it would be something rather simple, but upon visiting the establishment, (, that thought radically changed. I never would have imagined that my artwork would be, or could be paired with jewelry of this caliber. But let's take a step back, I never would have thought of my artwork being paired up with ANY jewelry.

The two seemed to be polar opposites,... either this was INSANITY or this was GENIUS. Turns out, it was, in fact, PURE GENIUS. I was able to craft a few background canvases, and a number of smaller pieces on metal display boxes,... I thought it was fascinating that my work was being "wrapped around" objects, that I was going to step into more of an installation type of mentality as opposed to just creating work on a flat surface... the possibilities were ENDLESS.

Here is to the magic of thinking out the box, exploring new ideas, and breaking a few norms along the way!

So, I had to keep the project under wraps until the lookbook was officially released. I am truly humbled and excited by how it came out!

Here are a few pages from the lookbook.

Circa 1900 Diamond Tiara and Stomacher Set, - 67.85 ctw. Artwork by Scape.

Diamond Chain Necklace set with 144 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds - 46.50 ctw. Artwork, spraycans by Scape.

Amethyst and Aquamarine Art Deco Style Bracelet - 80 ctw.

Baguette Diamond Necklace and Bracelet Set - 46.21 ctw. Abstract graffiti art on display objects by Scape.

These are Ulysse Nardin watches, titanium steel, paired with my art.